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How to post a suggestion
« on: January 15, 2014, 08:32:51 am »
How to post a suggestion

There are certain regulations that you must follow, when posting a suggestion. Failure to follow these regulations will result in an automatic dismissal of that suggestion. It is essential that you read this and follow it to the point. These are the steps in which you should follow to post a suggestion.

1. You have to post a New Poll not a New Thread. All suggestions must be posted as a poll.

2. When starting the poll you must include the; Subject Line, Question and Options. There may only be a yes and no type option. NEVER post a maybe, idk, etc option. If the soldier voting doesn't know, then they shouldn't make a decision.

3. For the poll options you are to leave those alone. Do not set a maximum number of voters, a certain amount of time the poll is open, or result visibility. Everything should be left to the default.

If you follow these three easy steps, then your poll will be fine. The poll will be left open for as long as the CNO, VCNO or Suggestions MOD sees fit. After that the CNO or VCNO will review the section and come to a conclusion as whether or not the suggestion will be accepted. The CNO, VCNO or Suggestions MOD will then lock the thread and add a reply either saying what is to be done with the suggestion (ACCEPTED, DENIED, etc...). The suggestion will stay this way for one week, then the CNO, VCNO or Suggestion MOD will delete the thread and it will be recorded in the Suggestion Archive thread. It is essential you follow the rules of posting a suggestion.

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